Q32019 – Portfolio Review

Current Portfolio

S/N Name of Counter No of Shares % Portfolio Value
1 Astrea V 3000 12.7%
2 Koufu 6300 18.4%
3 OCBC Bank 300 13%
4 Warchest 55.9%
  Total   100%


I bought 6300 shares of Koufu on 1st July 2019. You could head over to this article on why I bought it.  

I sold 1100 shares of Singtel on 23th July 2019 at $3.53. At that price level, it gave me an opportunity to sell at a profit after been in a red for most of the months I held Singtel. I did not expect the associates to continue to perform badly and will not consider buying Singtel at a lower price until there is improvement in earnings from its associates and once there is clearer divided policy in the future.

I bought 300 shares of OCBC Bank on 26th August 2019 at $10.52. Price to Book ratio at that price is very attractive and I believe that the management has detailed plans as shown on their recent presentation  to expand its business in the Greater China region. 

Overall Portfolio Performance (as of 3/10/19):

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Total Capital : $ 10,662.50

Total Value: $ 10,884

Realized P/L (+Div) = 2.8% or $ 796.33 (based on Closed Cost)
Unrealized P/L (+Div)  = 2.7% or $ 284.5 (based on Current Cost)
Overall P/L + Div = 9.41% or $ 1,080.83 (based on Max Deployed Cost)

Total dividends received in 2019: $103.61

Time-weighted Returns (including Dividends & Fees)
Year Portfolio ES3
2018 -4.97% -10.79%
2019 19.94% 3.67%
Overall 13.98% -7.52%
XIRR (including Dividends & Fees) & Capital Flow
Year XIRR Capital Flow
2018 -4.07% SGD 8,848.83
2019 22.80% SGD 954.34
Overall 10.13% SGD 9,803.17
Annual P&L
Year Annual P&L
2018 SGD -187.83
2019 SGD 1,268.66
Overall SGD 1,080.83

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